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Labels & SDS 2 CEUs Core is a Course

Labels & SDS 2 CEUs Core

2.0 credits

$20 Enroll

Full course description

This course contains 2 modules: Labels and SDS & Pesticide Formulations.

You have heard the phrase, “the label is the law.” This first module presents the components of a pesticide label and the information on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). This poster acquaints new pest control technicians with the information they will find on pesticide labels and on SDSs. videos explaining how to read pesticide labels and SDSs. View the short vidoes on Labels and SDS sections.

The second module summarizes general actions to be taken in the event of pesticide exposure. Learn to recognize symptoms of exposure while watching short videos.The videos detail general first aid steps to undertake until medical help arrives after a pesticide exposure. This module will serve as a valuable training tool for pest controllers as they learn about pesticide safety.

Authors: Rebecca Baldwin, Associate Professor; Roberto Pereira, Research Scientist; and Phil Koehler, Professor; Entomology Department, University of Florida

This course is approved for 2 CEUs of General Standards Core (482) and General Standards Core (487)