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Pest Caterpillar Recognition 1 CEU L&O is a Course

Pest Caterpillar Recognition 1 CEU L&O

Ended Oct 31, 2020
1 credit

Full course description

Earn 1 CEU in L&O. This module has 2 sections. Each section presents information on recognition of caterpillar pests. Caterpillars are some of the most visible pests of ornamenal plants. Also, Stinging Caterpillars are usually found on ornamental plants and trees.. You can print out the notes pages so the information is available for you to study. Each section has a lecture followed by questions. Upon satisfactory completion of the course (>75%) you will receive a form for 2 CEUs to print and return to FDACS at the time of pesticide license renewal.
Authors: Rebecca Baldwin, Associate Professor; Roberto Pereira, Research Scientist; and Phil Koehler, Professor; Entomology Department, University of Florida